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An edifice in the distance diverted my gaze – it towered dark and massive above the modest homes surrounding it. Smoke bellowed from a chimney and the dim winter light reflected off of the massive, ornate windows. viagra for sale. As I drew closer, I recognized the traditional symbol and knew it for what it was – the seat of power and authority for this community, and all like it across this continent. Here dwelled the powerful and all-knowing priests through whom we must all work to seek salvation.

Is my vignette describing a medieval church? viagra without a doctor prescription. No – a hospital I passed on a Saturday night a few weeks ago on my way to the airport in Chicago.

The parallels between the medieval Catholic Church of Europe and American health care, including the impressive towering structures in which they both have characteristically performed their miracles, are striking. viagra coupons.

The medieval church was the most powerful social, political and economic force on the European subcontinent, and in many areas, the largest employer, if one considers the “affiliated” friars and monks as well as the priests and their church and cathedral support staff. viagra samples.

There were constant skirmishes with parochial governments, in large part over taxation rights vs. the collection of tithes and indulgences by the church. Indulgences themselves were a unique business model – sold as guarantees by the Church against time in Purgatory. free viagra samples in canada. The general public was encouraged to believe that the only pathway to heaven, or to even have prayer acknowledged, was through direct intercession of the priest.

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Accogliamo i Vostri clienti in questa bellissima località dal 1994. Siamo a Vostra disposizione per ogni tipo di servizio: hotel, escursioni, visite città, trasferimenti, itinerari nei dintorni di Como.

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